I’m on Redbubble!

Hello there and thanks for getting here.

If you do know what Redbubble is, you can skip reading this paragraph. Redbubble is a super nice platform where you can sell your designs, and they will take care of printing it on different products (from T-shirts, prints, mugs, tote bags, to puzzles, masks and so on.. they really have a large selection of products and they keep adding items all the time).
All you need to do is upload the design, tag it, describe it and edit how it will look on the products.
And oh, they let you set up the price as well.

Okay, let’s get to what I really wanted to tell you.

Won’t keep you long, just need to tell you these crucial details about my Redbubble shop. I am looking forward to working close with my customers so keep this in mind:

• You saw maybe an Instagram post, a picture on Pexels or on any other social platform and you wish to print it. That’s super cool and you are free to print it wherever you wish, but why not support me so I can create more awesome stuff?
Message me the picture link and I will add it to my shop asap.

Pouring art on demand and you can choose your colors.

• Prices on existing items can be discussed. I just want to see my art on your walls ❤️

• If you need to see a certain design on a certain product, there’s also room to discuss this.

Update: I also created a shop for my digital drawings adn paintings, have a look here.

All these being said, I can’t waaaait for you to have all these wonderful pieces!