Golden Hour Delight and some updates on what I’m planning

Picture taken in my last session at the Botanical Garden, using Nikon D3400 with 70-300mm lens.

Not much more to say about it, it’s just a little thing that I enjoyed doing ❤️

On another note, I just ordered today a new camera hihihi. I am suuuper excited. I was a bit disappointed with the Black Friday offers; there was no discount for this camera on both national and international websites :-< I kind of understand that less and less people are buying DSLRs in 2020, but heyyy at least a small discount maybe? And not the kind of discount where you actually increase the starting price and sell the product at the real price and call it a discount, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, it will arrive latest on the 2nd of December, and I’ll be back with more details. Might even do an unboxing post 👌

I realized I talked a lot about how I bought a camera but didn’t mention WHAT CAMERA 😅 Staying in the Nikon family, expecting a second Nikon baby: Nikon D5600 ❤️ It was a hard decision between this and D7500. In reality, I just wanted a small upgrade from D3400 because I was lacking some features from this one (no Wifi connection, fixed LCD and probably more that don’t come to my mind – I’m not planning most of my posts ahead, just writing my thoughts). D5600 was my decision mainly because of its price. I prefer spending more money on the lens at this point.

Why not Mirrorless?

Price first. Imagine a sloppy person like me letting some extra sand ruin that beautiful sensor while changing lens, or spilling some drinks on it ahahaha.

Secondly, I wanted to be able to use the lens I already have. They’re not much, but there’s still more to learn until I master them. Also, mirrorless lens = more money and this is really not the point in my life when I can afford spending this much money.

Then the third reason is the amount of pictures I can take with a single battery charge (although, I played a bit with a friends mirrorless camera and those few photos are perfect from the first try).

I definitely plan on buying a mirrorless camera but in a few years 😅

You can disagree with everything in this post, but please don’t be rude and keep in mind that this is only my opinion 🙂

With this being said, I’m preparing myself for an extended 4-days weekend. I will assign at least one day for a nice photoshoot and one for drawing something new on my tablet (together with a Youtube tutorial) and I think this will complete my happiness.

Wish you all a relaxing weekend!

Picture via Instagram
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