Christmas Lights

Last year near this time, I took this series of pictures with Claudia, a friend of mine. I really really need to recreate these with the Sigma 105mm lens, I think the lights will look amazing this time. And the sharpness and the details of the face, just UGH!

Speaking of portrait, last weekend I took self portraits 😅 Uhm, not all of the pictures are focused correctly, but I can live with the final result. I shall create another post on this, because I have to tell you my experience with Nikon’s (spoiler alert: trash) WMU app. I was just-so-disappointed. But it’s completely another story, and I again PROMISE I’ll have an article on it. I should stop promising stuff. I will add this on my 2021 goals list. Together with the review I will also show you some pictures I alone took of myself.

And now I will address a question and try not to be sad about not receiving any answer and do the post anyway, buuuut DO YOU WANNA SEE MY 2021 GOALS? It would be fun, for me at least. I never did this, never had any goals, just went with the flow.

And just so like that I made 2 promises.

The picture you see in this article was taken with Nikon D3400 and 18-55mm lens (because it traveled from the past and there’s no Sigma in the past HA!).

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