Purrrrfect nose for a boop 🐱
@aurelurelu on Instagram was my model here. Excellent cat, excellent.

This picture is also a bit older, I waited for the autumn to finish so I don’t ruin the fall aestethic to the Instagram feed.

I’m working hard to deliver a new review, but it’s going to take a while. Spoiler alert: I am sharing with you the insights of organizing a Shuttout contest. with updates every week so you have to wait for it to end.

I already announced it on Instagram and created a special page on my website. I started hosting contests (for now, I only want to try it out, it might become a regular thing if enough people are interested). Go ahead and submit your photos, even if you don’t compete for the cash prize. It’s a nice exercise to see where you at.

Picture taken with Nikon D3400 + Sigma 105mm lens.

via Instagram
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