Ivar the Brave Boi – with short story

What a fierce boi!!
Meet Ivar. My mother rescued this cutie from a forest. He was in a very bad condition and his back legs didn’t work (that’s why we later called him Ivar). My brother afterwards took him home and took great care of him. Ivar is making big progress, maybe in a few months will be able to walk again. Vet told us that maybe someone ran over him (maybe with a wheel or something? a bike? idk) and broke the spine links so he doesn’t actually feel his legs.
Anyway, enough with the sad stories. Just to let you know, this doggo is fierce and playful, he gets along really well with his brother and HE EATS A LOT. He takes care of the law and order around, even if he’s a smol sized boi.

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