Flowing 🎨
The last pouring of 2020 was a disaster 😅 I managed to take a few nice pictures like this one, but overall result is a no-no (I messed up the thickness of the colors big time). But I’ve been taking notes to get better and will hopefully have soon the physical paintings available 🥰

I’m trying to achieve 3 things here:

– nice pictures of pouring art (this can’t go wrong usually; there’s always a certain moment when I say “waaaaw look at this”, even if initially I think colors are meh)

– no mess: usually I have to clean everything around 🥲 as I don’t have a workroom yet, I have to be careful where I do the pouring

– a physical result: I have a few of them on canvas, but most of the time I do everything on a piece of plastic and peel the color afterwards and throw it away; so the only joy remains in photos; I keep the paintings if someone requests them tho.
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