Older picture, but recent edit.

Using Lightroom has changed everything for my edits. I used to edit my photos in Photoscape, because it was free and not very demanding for my laptop. I ended up paying the full software just before I gave up my laptop and bought an iPad. Was a bit sad for paying all the money on something that Lightroom offers for free (around 50$ I think), but did it anyways.

Now I only use my iPad to edit everything and the mobile free edition of Lightroom has everything I could’ve asked for. When I really need to use the premium features, I normally pay for 1 month and edit everything in that month. But it doesn’t happen too often, as I mainly shot one subject photos and I really think I shouldn’t alter too much the form and small imperfections. Like, I would remove a pimple, but not wrinkles. The wrinkles tell a story.
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