A Sunset To Remember


This is my firs digital illustration post on this blog, hope it’s not interfering with my photography in any unpleasant way. I rarely post on the drawing instagram, as I am still super insecure. Once in a while the result satisfies me and I also show it to you. 
Instagram caption: 

“Hello there 👋 Dropping this before I disappear again, u know the drill. I am focusing on photography now, you can check my account @didssph. I post drawings there also from time to time, nature related, symmetry artworks and so on. But once in a while I feel the inspiration wave drowning me and I finally draw something from scratch so here we are. As a spoiler, the apartments were created with a texture brush which will be included in a brush pack I am going to launch (SOON I HOPE). As usual, it will be free so stay close ☺️ “

You may find some useful resources for Procreate if you are interested. I have some brushes and palettes available for free here. There are some nice stamps available and right now I am working on 2 super exciting packs: textures and lights. You will see already that I am using them (like in this piece: the stars and the apartment texture are actually brushes! and they will be available soon, FOR FREE). Follow me and get updates.

Oh, and also super important, the Procreate brushes are also compatible with Photoshop, so everybody can use them!

Also check my Youtube, I post process videos of my illustrations and even short tutorials (mainly if they are requested).