28 days contest with Shuttout – All Red Stats

As I said earlier in my previous post, I will show you the stats in each week for my Shuttout-organized contest.

If you wish to find out more details on the setup, just check this post.
The overall opinion is also in the mentioned post, so go ahead and give it a read.

The Shuttout page for this contest can be found here.

Also I had simultaneously hosted 5 contests at the same time, so here’s a list with all of them. Title of the contest reflects exactly what you’d expect to see in the submissions so if you’re interested to see how one theme’s doing, go directly to it:

All Green
All Red

Stats per week detailed below.

Week 1: 14 – 20 dec

34 photos in the contest, 13$ prize
I created a special page on this website where I detailed the ongoing contests, and this was my main sharing material on other platforms. The page stayed in my bio on all platforms until the last contest ended. Now the page is deactivated, because there is no ongoing contest happening.
I tweeted the contest and added it to my Instagram stories.

Week 2: 21 – 27 dec

60 photos in the contest, 13$ prize
Been more offline these days with Chrismas and all that. I posted some Instagram stories with all the ongoing contests and talked to a few friends face to face.

Week 3: 28 dec – 3 jan

69 photos, 13$ prize
Posted some Instagram stories talking about it.

Week 4: 4 – 10 jan

90 photos, 15$ prize
This week I had a stronger promotion on Instagram stories, as it was the last one. I posted twice in a week.

I want to thank everybody for taking part in this contest. Some of the entries were amazing, the winner of the monthly membership especially caught my eye.
Winners are voted 100% by the community and I can talk about the algorithm if you are interested (comment please).

All the pictures were beautiful and creative. Here’s a short list with other entries that made me super excited and the place they ended up with:
• #7: Mantvydas Drevinskas
• #8: rawbutmeaningful
• #9: Kamil Stępień


If you want to have fun, this is a great platform and it’s super easy to use, user friendly and all that.
If you want to make some extra money, you either have to get really creative with the promotion, or find another platform.

Let me know what you think, did you have a similar experience hosting a contest here?
Do you think maybe the subject of the contest was not too attractive? Or I should’ve promoted it more?