Organizing a 28 days contest with Shuttout – Portrait Stats

As I said earlier in my previous post, I will show you the stats in each week for my Shuttout-organized contest.

If you wish to find out more details on the setup, just check this post – this will contain my overall opinion in much more detail than here, and also some info on how to set up everything. To avoid writing duplicate info, I will keep this article short.

The Shuttout page for this contest can be found here.

Also I had simultaneously hosted 5 contests, so here’s a list with all of them. Title of the contest reflects exactly what you’d expect to see in the submissions so if you’re interested to see how one theme’s doing, go directly to it:

All Green
All Red

Stats per week detailed below.

Week 1: 16 – 22 dec

26 photos in the contest, 8$ prize
I created a page on this website with information up to date regarding all the contests ongoing. This one stayed in my bio on all platforms until the ending of the last contest in the series.
I shared some Instagram stories and tweeted about the contest.

Week 2: 23 – 29 dec

53 photos, 10$ prize
Christmas week – been more offline than online. Relied only on the traffic from Pexels 😅

Week 3: 30 dec – 5 ian

73 photos in the contest, 14$ prize
Contest info was shared on Instagram stories once again.

Week 4: 6 – 12 ian

87 photos finally and 17$ prize
I shared once again the contest on Instagram as it was on its final week.

Now let me take some time to congratulate everybody who took part in the contest. Besides informing you how everything goes before you decide to spend some money, I think this is a great occasion to discover some really talented photographers.

Here is a list (YES, A LIST! I love making lists) with my favorite photos in Portrait Contest:
• #1: Anuj Jain – winner of Monthly Prime
• #2: alinas.perspective – love how this is unconventional and really got right the creative part
• #36: Monica Oprea – nailed a night portrait

Thank you all for participating! ❤️


As I said in the articles before, Shuttout is not a good way of making money if you don’t have a strong and commited platform where to advertise this.

Let me know if you had a different experience.
Do you think maybe the subject of the contest was not too attractive? Or I should’ve promoted it more?