Organizing a contest with Shuttout – Mauve Stats

As I said earlier in my previous post, I will show you the stats in each week for my Shuttout-organized contest.

If you wish to find out more details on the setup, just check this post. It also contains a detailed overall opinion on the whole experience, so if you are interested to see more than the numbers for this particular contest, I encourage you to go read the mentioned article first.

The Shuttout page for this contest can be found here.

Also I had simultaneously hosted 5 contests at the same time, so here’s a list with all of them for an easier navigation. Title of the contest reflects exactly what you’d expect to see in the submissions so if you’re interested to see how one theme’s doing, go directly to it:

All Green
All Red

Stats per week detailed below.

Week 1: 20 – 26 dec

17 pictures, 8$ prize
If you are here after reading the other articles, you’ve seen already that I created a page on this website describing each one of the contests I was hosting during the period. This page was in my bio on all the platforms I am active on, from which are worth mentioning Pexels – my library of free photos (9000 followers) and Instagram (3500 followers).
I shared the content of the page also on Instagram stories.
During the first week, I also tweeted on my tiny-tiny platform (around 30 followers at the time 😅).

Week 2: 27 dec – 2 jan

24 photos and 10$ prize
Promotion was happening only on Instagram stories.

Week 3: 3 – 9 jan

32 photos and 11$ prize
Promotion was happening only on Instagram stories.

Week 4: 10 – 16 jan

56 photos and 12$ prize
Promotion was happening only on Instagram stories.

And now the only exciting part, the contestants. I want to mention these two photos that definitely caught my eye and got me all excited:

Ksenija Skorich – which ended on the first place and winning the contest; great detail, great colors, great subject ❤️
Son Ja – which got the 4th place; I’m in love with the magical mood created around the subject and the color is on point; exactly what I wished to see in this contest ❤️

Thank you all for joining 🥰
I was a bit disappointed to see a lot of pictures not following the purposed theme, but maybe my description was too vague, I’ll do better next time.


As you can easily see I kinda lost interest for the topic, and the promotion was minimal. I can’t say based on the data I have from this contest if this is a good platform. Check the All Green – this shall help you better. I lost my interest and energy pretty fast after the first week, because I was expecting this contest to go super well… it was my favorite from all.

This article can help you find some more awesome photographers and maybe give you an insight of how a contest can go if you do the bare minimum.