Organizing a contest with Shuttout – Pets Stats

As I said earlier in my previous post, I will show you the stats in each week for my Shuttout-organized contest.

If you wish to find out more details on the setup, just check this post. Every point is more detailed in the article linked so if this subject seems interesting to you, please read this first.

The Shuttout page for this contest can be found here.

Also I had simultaneously hosted 5 contests at the same time, so here’s a list with all of them. Title of the contest reflects exactly what you’d expect to see in the submissions so if you’re interested to see how one theme’s doing, go directly to it:

All Green
All Red

Stats per week detailed below.

I had a few mentions for this contest on the Instagram stories a few days before it began. The blog page detailing all contests was already filled with all 5 that I was planning.

Week 1: 23 – 29 dec

34 photos, 6$ prize
Contest was mentioned in Instagram stories and tweeted.

Week 2: 30 dec – 5 ian

72 photos, 9$ prize
Contest was mentioned in Instagram stories.

Week 3: 6 – 12 ian

92 photos, 12$ prize
Contest was mentioned in Instagram stories.

Week 4: 13 – 19 ian

125 photos, 15$ prize
Contest was mentioned in Instagram stories.

I was nicely surprised to see this amount of participants, even after this weak promotion. Thank you all for joining.
Now I would usually pick a few photos from all the contestants, but I am having difficulties as they are soooo many that I love. I encourage you to go to the contest page and pick your favorite artsist and give them some love 💕