Still a Touch of Autumn

🍁 πŸ’›πŸ§‘
The picture above was taken with Nikon D5600 + Sigma 105 lens (what a surprise, right?)
Heeeyyy there my super huge, inexistent audience on this blog πŸ˜…
The good part when you don’t have any public is that if you don’t keep your promises, no one will come and rub it in your face. Because I keep posting pictures taken with my new camera, and new lens and new everything but no review yet. If there is someone out there truly waiting for this article, please be patient, I have 2 more work days and after that a 3 week vacation so there’s plenty of time to finish all the articles I have in mind.
On another note, I used to blog a lot in high school and now that I rediscovered it, I can’t understand why I stopped in the first place.
Yes, people can get really judgmental because it’s easier to criticize instead of saying something nice or something constructive in a nice way, but this should never ever discourage you from doing what makes you happy (I don’t need to say it, but you know that your happiness should never disturb anyone else).
Just some πŸ’­ coming straight from my heart.
Be nicer, be kinder.
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